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"Europe's energy independence and security of supply starts with solar."
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Solar Citizens: People in charge of their energy future

10 May 2012 at 13:30 – European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

This year’s European Solar Days Brussels event made the connection between the social and economic dimension of solar energy, while attempting to bridge the concerns of policy-makers with those of the public at large.

The interactive debate addressed a particularly topical issue in light of the Energy Roadmap 2050 and of how Europe’s citizens consider their energy choices in the years to come. As consumers look for ways to decrease their energy bills, the supply of affordable electricity and heating is becoming a major European goal.

The high-level panel debate welcomed representatives from the European Commission, Covenant of Mayors and a senior representative from Lampiris, the 100% green energy provider. Following the panel debate, representatives of National Campaigns had the opportunity to join the discussion via a live video connection, addressing questions to the panel. 


If you missed the live broadcast, watch the event here!




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