Video - Brussels Debate, 10 May 2012

European Solar Days Interactive Stakeholder Debate

"Solar Citizens: People in charge of their energy future"



Nigel Cotton, ESTIF Board member

Arthur de Vries, ESTIF Board member

Boris Klebensberger, EPIA Board member

Fabrice Didier, EPIA Board member

Pirita Lindholm, Member of Covenant of Mayors Office and Head of Climate Alliance Brussels Office

Maud Skäringer, Policy Analyst- Policy Coordination, European Commission DG Regional Policy

Bruno Vanderschueren, Director General and Co-founder, Lampiris


National Campaign Organisers

Portugal, Maria João Rodrigues, President, Apisolar

France, Richard Loyen, Managing Director, Enerplan

Italy, Sisto Bruni, President, Legambiente- San Benedetto del Tronto