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"Europe's energy independence and security of supply starts with solar."
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2015 Campaign: 1 - 15 May




The first European Solar Days will be celebrated with over 4000 events throughout Europe

The kick off of the first European Solar Days will be celebrated on Friday 16 May with special events in Brussels and throughout Europe.


The European Solar Days is the largest awareness raising campaigns in the area of re-newable energy ever held, with over 4000 events reaching more than 250.000 partici-pants throughout Europe, As an awareness raising campaign, the European Solar Days aim to promote the use of the sun as an energy source for all solar applications, Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic.


A special inauguration press conference as well as an all day street fair will be held in Brussels to start the European celebrations in 2008. The event will include educational displays for young and old, street entertainment with live music during the day, with a live concert featuring MilkInc as main act in the evening.


Participating countries in 2008 are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Nether-lands, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, with single events also taking place in Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Events will be held by anyone interested in promoting solar energy. Solar companies arrange to hold open days, schools hold edu-cational activities, cities and communes hold information days. These are only some ex-amples of activities and events which will take place over the coming days.


Other countries are expected to join the initiative in 2009 which is planned to be ex-tended throughout Europe in the future. The European Solar Days will bring together major players from the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic electricity sectors throughout Europe and will help in promoting the use of renewable energy.


Solar energy is one of the most accessible and affordable sources of renewable energy available to ordinary citizens and can be used on any house or office building. And this is not only true for southern countries such as Spain and Portugal. Solar energy installa-tions can also be found in northern countries such as Norway and Sweden, where there is an ever growing number of installations.


The European Solar Days, which are coordinated by ESTIF in close cooperation with EPIA, are supported by 25 organisations at a national and European level.