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"Europe's energy independence and security of supply starts with solar."
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2015 Campaign: 1 - 15 May




For the first time, Enerplan, the French Solar Energy Professional Association organises the European Solar Days on 16 and 17 may 2008. This general interest european campaign aims to raise public awareness of solar energy and its many advantages.

European Solar Days are organised within european project « European Solar Days », supported by European Commission, with 10 partners : Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and also Switzerland. Over 100, 000 visitors are expected on 4,000 events in Europe.


Campaign in France

The French Solar Energy Professional Association calls upon Energy Information Spaces, installers, solar system operators, communities, associations, energy suppliers, but also architects, banks, medias... to participate  and to organise local events during European Solar Days.

Hundreds of events are expected  everywhere in France to inform public about using possibilities of solar energy and to demonstrate its benefits.



The campaign is organised in France by Enerplan with cooperation of the whole solar branch.

ADEME, French Environment and Energy Management Agency, and QUALIT'ENR, French Quality Scheme for Installers of Renewable Systems, are partners.

In order to set a nationwide event and to cover as much ground as possible, Enerplan has built a strong partnership with regions, energy suppliers, solar system operators, associations, medias ... Partners will support the European Solar Days campaign and inform their members and contacts.

ENERPLAN, the French Solar Energy Professional Association

ENERPLAN represents solar branch in France.

Enerplan aims to developp solar thermal and photovoltaic in France.

Our missions are to promote solar energy, to support solar professionals and to structure solar activities.


Press Contact
Tél : +33 442 32 43 25