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"Europe's energy independence and security of supply starts with solar."
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2015 Campaign: 1 - 15 May




Press releases

European Solar Days events expect more than a half-million participants

Grassroots campaign reflects broad consumer support for clean, cheap energy

Brussels, 13 March 2012– Hundreds of thousands of European citizens will gather at events across the continent to show their support for solar energy during European Solar Days (ESD), demonstrating the huge potential contribution of solar toward meeting EU energy goals. The events, which will take place in hundreds of locations from Tuesday, 1st May to Sunday, 13th May, have been designed to help audiences including European policy makers and companies, but particularly individual citizens, to understand the benefits that available solar technology offers them today.  Events include exhibitions of solar technologies, open door days, trainings for company staff, street festivities for children, “balloon dropping” and many more..


The European Solar Days go from strength to strength: date set for 2012 campaign as more countries join the effort

Brussels, 10 November 2011 - The next edition of the European Solar Days – a coordinated campaign of national events aimed at promoting the use of solar energy – will be held from 1 to 13 May, 2012. The initiative now includes more than 20 participants from 16 countries, who gathered this week in Prague for the 2nd edition of the European Solar Days Annual Conference.


Solar days attract half a million Europeans

European Solar Days 2011 campaign draws to a close in Brussels

Brussels, 26 May 2011 – The 4th edition of the European Solar Days campaign has drawn massive support for solar energy throughout the entire continent. Over the course of two weeks (1-15 May 2011) more than 8,000 events were organized in 18 countries throughout Europe, attracting half a million people in an attempt to demonstrate that solar energy constitutes a viable alternative energy source.