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"Solar contributes to the energy independence at national, regional, local and individual levels."
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2015 Campaign: 1 - 15 May




The European Solar Days go from strength to strength: date set for 2012 campaign as more countries join the effort

Brussels, 10 November 2011 - The next edition of the European Solar Days – a coordinated campaign of national events aimed at promoting the use of solar energy – will be held from 1 to 13 May, 2012. The initiative now includes more than 20 participants from 16 countries, who gathered this week in Prague for the 2nd edition of the European Solar Days Annual Conference.


The European Solar Days successfully promote the use of a free unlimited renewable energy source available everywhere to everyone to generate electricity as well as heating and cooling: the SUN. The organisation of annual "Solar Day" events on a national level aims to raise public awareness of intelligent energy solutions and behaviours, particularly for Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics.

During the 4th edition, which was held from 1-15 May 2011, increasing support for solar energy was demonstrated with more than 8,000 events organized in 19 countries throughout Europe, attracting the participation of half a million citizens.

The European Solar Days Annual Conference is the main forum for representatives of network countries to assess the campaign results. It is also an opportunity to exchange views on how to enlarge the network and fire the enthusiasm of event organisers and participants alike.

“The European Solar Days face today a great challenge, as participants and event organisers increase their expectations and demand more from the organisations in charge of the European Solar Days campaign” said Riccardo Battisti, coordinator of the European Solar Days in Italy since the first edition in 2008 and responsible for the implementation of the 2012 campaign.

Representatives from Sweden and Ukraine also attended the conference as guests, since these countries will also be organizing Solar Days events in 2012 and have already done so in the past.

“The European Solar Days are based on the engagement of individuals, citizens, organisations, companies and public institutions all around Europe. They join efforts to promote solar energy to their fellow European citizens. This is a proven formula, which can be replicated and adopted in different countries” said Pedro Dias, coordinator of the European Solar Days.

Building on the existing network and past experience, the number of event, participants as well as network countries taking part, the European Solar Days are expected to continue to grow. During the Annual Conference the dates for the European Solar Days 2012 were confirmed as from 1 to 13 of May 2012.

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  • Pedro Dias, ESTIF, Deputy Secretary General. Tel: +32 (0) 2 546 19 38.


Press release 10 November 2011